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Why digital marketing jobs are more than ever?

Digital marketing is a buzzword today. It is promoting and selling products and services using internet connected devices like smartphone, tablet or laptop. It has been started with the popularity of the World Wide Web in the beginning of the twenty first century in the country. Digital marketing jobs and growth rate is directly proportional to internet penetration. It increases with a slow pace in the first decade of this century. Availability of low cost smartphone devices and later, launch of Reliance Jio gives a fast pace to digital marketing in India. Social media platforms, e-governance services and low information search cost have also given a good pace to digital marketing. Read More...

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7 Big Reasons to Master Digital Marketing Skills

  1. Consumers are online
  • Internet penetration in India is 33%; it means 450 million (45 crores) people have internet access in the country.
  • Availability of low-cost smartphones and continuous reduction in data rates increases internet penetration.
  • 200 million (20 crores) people in India are monthly active Facebook users. Similarly active on Instagram, youtube, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Read More....
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Triple your conversion by integrating Facebook page with the website

Many small and medium businesses have started using their Facebook page for marketing their products and services. Since internet penetration is increasing with a pace hence this strategy has started generating leads; and finally revenue after conversion. Integration of Facebook page with the website is a must to achieve maximum ROAI (Return on Advertisement Investment). Employing this strategy is easiest with Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager. Visitor’s data available by employing these tools can be used in remarketing with different ways. E-commerce websites have tripled their conversion by employing remarketing on Facebook and Google display and search network simultaneously. Here is a brief description of tools used in remarketing process and; how it is achieved on Facebook; and Google search and display network? Read More.....

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Smart businesses harnessing the power of Digital Marketing

Internet penetration in India is on the continuous increase; Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB international joint report says 350 million internet and 200 million smartphone users are here by the end of 2016. India’s internet population is to reach 600 million by 2020; one study of ASSOCHAM-Deloitte says. India’s mobile phone subscriber base has crossed the 1 billion user mark, as per data released recently by the country’s telecom regulator. Read More...

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